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nanoracking Residential Carport (2 Cars)

nanoracking Residential Carport (2 Cars)

 Nanocarport's patented all-black residential carport features a Y-design and offers an aesthetic solution for parking 2 cars for household applications. The residential waterproof carport solar mounting system is one of the advanced solutions for homeowners to use their spaces efficiently. It is an ideal choice for charging your electric vehicles and home batteries.

Suitable module dimension : H/W/D: 1722/1134/30 mm

Module Array : 3 x 5

Patented Robust design

  Components from high corrosion resistance Aluminium alloy (AL-6005-T6)

  Rapid and Simple installation

  Maximum Wind and Snow Loads of 30 m/s and 2KN/m², Tilt Angle 10° 10-year worry-      free warrant

  Minimum Ground Clearance of 3000 m

  100% Water-resistant 

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